West End Lawn & Garden


Turf Installations & Renovations

Fine Grading

Rough Grading

Back Filling

Tractor Work

Bush Hogging

Bush Hogging starting at $500 for the first acre of land and $150 for each acre after the initial one. Up to 8 acres. Pastures, fields, trails, hunting lanes, abandoned or vacant lots.

Post Hole Digging

Post Hole Drilling is ideal for someone looking to build a fence with several post’s needing to be drilled. 9 inch and 12 inch drill bits available. Starting at $500

Turf Installation

Turf Installation for new home site’s and yards with bare dirt starting at $3,000. Seed and fertilizer included. Topsoil quoted separately. Price subject to change based off of total square footage and the total yardage of topsoil.

Turf Renovation

Turf Renovations of your existing lawn. Starting at $3,000 We will tear out, regrade, reshape the lawn. Fill in low spots and fix standing water issues on the lawn. Seed and fertilizer included, top soil quoted separately. Price subject to change based off total square footage of the lawn area.